Pastoral & M4C Support

At Speenhamland, we deal sensitively and effectively with our pupils' needs and concerns. We have a climate of trust, respect and confidence and our pupils can seek support from teachers, support staff and each other. All our pupils are in the care of their class teacher who has responsibility for their well-being, but sometimes a child may need extra pastoral support.

Our pastoral staff work with children individually or in small groups during the school day. Their role is to provide support for our pupils who may be:

  • Experiencing emotional difficulties
  • Dealing with loss through separation, divorce and bereavement
  • Struggling with low self-esteem.

This programme has proved very effective in providing these children with strategies to cope with situations and the emotional difficulties that often accompany them. Parents who wish their child to be part of this programme should let their child's class teacher know in the first instance.

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