Staff at Speenhamland

Senior Leadership Team

Dr C Wilson - Executive Headteacher

Mrs J Lewry - Headteacher

Mrs K Osmond - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Graham - SENCo

Wider Leadership Team

Mrs A Waterfall - KS2 Lead, Maths and ECT Mentor

Miss G Harrisson - EYFS & Phonics Lead

Mrs J Caudle - English Lead

Miss K Bucknell - KS1 Lead, Geography & Music

Mrs K Allen - KS2 Reading Lead & PSHE

Mrs J Green - Teacher in charge of Keevil Unit

Reception Provision

Wisteria Class Teacher

   Miss G Harrison

Teaching Assistants:

   Mrs L Flitton

   Mrs N Richardson

   Mrs L Sandel


Willow Class Teacher

   Mrs C Neale

Teaching Assistants

   Mrs P Balaji  

   Miss A Fuller 

   Miss K Hart 


Ash Class Teacher

   Ms R McFall

Teaching Assistants

   Miss L Ainsworth

   Miss E Stacey


Cherry Class Teacher

   Ms F Goode

Teaching Assistants

   Miss L Ainsworth (Keevil)

   Mrs R Hussain

   Mrs S Eshiet 

   Mrs R Robinson


Oak Class Teacher

   Miss K Bucknell

Teaching Assistant

   Mrs C Berry

Lower Juniors

Hawthorn Class Teacher

   Mrs S Earl

Teaching Assistants

   Mrs K Garnish 

   Mrs M Callow 


Juniper Class Teacher

   Mrs K Allen

Teaching Assistants

   Mrs K Ayres (HLTA)  

   Mrs S Soni


Maple Class Teacher

   Mrs D Munro

Teaching Assistants

   Mrs V Dange (Keevil)

   Mrs O Gomzyakova (Keevil)

Upper Juniors

Acer Class Teacher

   Mrs A Waterfall

Teaching Assistant

   Mrs S Maher


Redwood Class Teacher

   Mrs J Caudle

Teaching Assistants

   Mrs L Dodd (Keevil)

   Miss L Cuddy (Keevil)


Cedar Class Teacher

   Mrs S Lawson

Teaching Assistants

   Miss G Gollop (Keevil)

   Mrs A Pattendon (Keevil)

Other Teaching Staff

Mr A Page - Sports Coordinator and PPA Cover

Mrs T Richardson - PPA Cover

Support Staff Team

Mrs J Burgess - Office Manager

Mrs M Edwards - Office Assistant

Ms B Monger - Finance and Admin Assistant


Mr J Webster - Caretaker

Dragon Club Team

Play Leader

   Ms B Monger

Play Workers

   Mrs C Bolland

   Mrs D Gosling

   Miss D Lewry

   Ms A Mackinney

   Mr E Haines

   Mr E Wilson

   Mr J Wilson

   Miss A Pattenden

   Miss A Lauder

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