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Speenhamland School

Speenhamland School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team  

 Mrs C Wilson
Executive Headteacher

 Mrs E Parish
Associate Headteacher

 Mrs K Osmond
Deputy Headteacher

Wider Leadership Team  

 Miss J Penman
Assistant Headteacher with responsibilities for Infants & Maths Lead

Miss K Greenwood
English Lead


 Miss S Kingsman
Assistant Headteacher with responsibilities for EYFS and Phonics 

Mrs A Marney
Upper Junior Team Leader

 Mrs K Griffiths


Mrs A Waterfall
Lower Junior Team Leader

EYFS (Foundation Stage) - Pupils are aged between 4 and 5
Class 1

Miss S Kingsman (Assistant Headteacher/EYFS Lead)

Miss C Neale - Teaching Assistant

Class 2

Miss L Rowe

Mrs M Callow - Teaching Assistant


Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2  
Class 3 (Y2)

Mrs D Munro

Miss C Brock - Teaching Assistant

Class 4 (Y1/2) 

Miss K Buckell

Mrs C Berry  - Teaching Assistant

Class 5 (Y1 & Y2) 

Miss J Penman / Miss S Mosher

Mrs B Raymond - Teaching Assistant


Lower Key Stage 2 - Years 3 and 4  
Class 6 (Y3/4)

Miss K Greenwood (English Lead)

Mrs S Izoulet - Teaching Assistant

Class 7 (Y3/4)

Mrs S Earl

Class 8 (Y4)

Mrs A Waterfall / Mrs L Morse

Mrs S Monckton - Teaching Assistant


Upper Key Stage 2 - Years 5 and 6  
Class 9 (Y5)

Mrs A Marney

Class 10 (Y6) 

Miss D Belcher

Mrs L Ballard - Teaching Assistant
Miss D Mallen - Teaching Assistant

Class 11 (Y5/Y6) Mrs K Osmond (Acting Deputy Headteacher)


Sports Cordinator

Mr A Page

SENDCo Mrs K Griffiths / Mrs L Carroll
PPA Cover Teachers

Miss M Oakham

Mrs T Richardson

Mrs L Winfield

Miss L Martin

EAL Mrs S Izoulet


The Keevill Team  
Mrs J Green Teacher in Charge
Mrs A Canning Senior Support Assistant
Mrs K Ayres Keevill Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Jerome Keevill Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Powell Keevill Teaching Assistant

Miss K Richman

Keevill Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Robinson Special Needs Teaching Assistant


Administration Team  
Mrs J Burgess Office Manager
Mrs M Edwards Office Assistant
Ms B Monger Finance and Admin Assistant


Lunchtime Team  
Ms J Slevin Cook
Miss M Seward Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L Dodd Lunchtime Controller
Mrs P Down Lunchtime Controller


Dragon Club Team  
Ms B Monger Play Leader
Mrs L Powell Play Worker
Ms A MacKinney Play Worker
Mr H Monger Play Worker
Mr M McDougall Play Worker
Miss T Dove Play Worker
Mrs L Carroll Play Worker
Miss K Richman Play Worker
Mr A Fragatta Play Worker