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Speenhamland School

Speenhamland School

Governor Profiles

Miss Sue Brown, Chair of Primary LGB

I have lived in the Newbury area for most of the last fifty years and attended a local Secondary school. Having trained to teach, I taught at state Primary schools across the area and, until my retirement a few years ago, was a head teacher at three different schools. It was a joy to be involved in developing young people to take place in an ever growing and changing society. For several years I have supported a local Infant and Nursery school as a Foundation Governor. In the last few, I became a Local Authority Governor at Speenhamland Primary and subsequently joined Newbury Academy Trust.  I applaud and fully support the Trust’s vision of working to give all students the help and inspiration to become fulfilled and purposeful members of society. We have to embrace the challenges presented to us and make them work for our young people. Other interests include working as a volunteer for the British Polio Fellowship, bringing members together for events and trips.

Mr Owen Joyce, Vice Chair of Primary LGB

I am an optimistic, passionate, hardworking, professional and committed individual who brings creativity, integrity and initiative into people and task orientated situations. I continue to value opportunities to build up my experience and skills to improve currently as a teacher of young people, colleague and pastoral leader. I continually aim to be an efficient worker with better time management and task completion to ensure a work/life balance. I look to have an idea of the bigger picture and prioritise the finer details. I am not afraid to seek advice and wisdom from others, and where necessary will look for a solution to a problem by thinking outside of the box. I am a well-rounded person who recognises the balance my faith, family, work and hobbies bring to my life. I am married to Rachael and we are blessed by the gift of our 3 children.  As a Christian. I am an active member of Glendale Church, Newbury, through taking on roles as Life Group leader, Service leader, Sermon Speaker, Crèche leader and Trustee. I desire to be a School Governor to make a positive impact on the education of my own children, but also the pupils of the attending schools within the trust. I desire to see all pupils be provided the best educational experience as they grow into well-rounded individuals who will have a positive impact on their families, peers, community and country, based on their strengths and developed abilities and life insights.



Mrs Karen Osmond






Mrs Natasha Purcell






Mrs Jen Wheeler

My husband and I moved to Newbury in 2014, when we bought out first home together after living and working in Reading. Prior to this, I had gained a qualification to teach primary education. Although I never entered the profession, education has remained both an interest and a passion of mine, particularly now that I have a school aged child of my own. I want to see every child achieving all that they are capable of during their time at school, which is why I wanted to get involved in school governance.
My career to date has largely been in the charity sector, firstly in an administrative capacity, before moving on to more specialised work in tendering, bid writing and contract management. Whilst I very much enjoyed my job, I decided to take a career break after the birth of my first child in order to focus on being a stay-at-home parent, which is where I happily find myself several years later. 


Dr Charlotte Wilson







Mrs Teresa Crocker - Clerk

Much of my career has been in admin and office management.  For the past ten years I have clerked for local maintained primary schools, during which time I achieved the Clerks’ Accreditation.

I have been Clerk to the Board of Trustees for Newbury Academy Trust since January 2018 and my role is an advisory and administrative one. I’m there to help the board understand its role, functions and legal duties, and to document evidence that the board are fulfilling these duties. 

I live in Newbury, and my children are at various stages through their education and careers.