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Speenhamland School

Speenhamland School

About Us


"Teachers at Speenhamland make learning fun! They bring smiles into teaching, challenge us and support us.  At Speenhamland, we learn lots of news skills through working independently, with partners and in teams.  It is great to be able to learn with our friends."



"Our school is unique! We have Forest School which is our own community space; there we learn new skills.  Taking part in Forest School has enhanced our team work skills and enabled us to see where we can take risks."



"All the staff at Speenhamland smile and make the learning fun.  They listen and help if we are upset for any reason."


"Speenhamland is a caring community that helps everyone. As a Sports Lead, we get to help with the younger children’s sports clubs and matches." 

"We enjoy lots of extra-curricular clubs and sporting events: football (girls and boys), netball, ruby and multi-sports.  We have competitive House tournaments and sports fixtures against other schools." 


"Speenhamland is a community where everybody cares for each other. You always feel safe and make friends. We have opportunities to expand our learning with exciting trips to places like Marwell Zoo, London and Newbury Town Hall."



"We learn more at Speenhamland because we use our school values, the 5 Rs; Respect, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Risk Takers and Responsibility." 


"Attending Speenhamland is special because we look after each other – everyone is a friend.  As a PM Pal, we are trained to encourage and help children to sort out their own friendship issues if they arise." 

"Speenhamland has good teachers that make the learning accessible; they always provide support to help and challenge us if we find the work easy." 


"Teachers and Teaching Assistants are supportive in everything we do.  Children happily play with each other and at lunch and playtimes we have toys to support team work."