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Speenhamland School

Speenhamland School


The curriculum at Speenhamland is centred on ‘Celebrating Achievement and Success for All’. Our children come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a wide range of experiences. We are ambitious for all our children, and ensure they are provided with opportunities to achieve what they didn’t even know they could.

Learning is organised into themes, with meaningful links between areas made explicit to the children. At the centre of these themes are high quality texts, from which all English teaching and learning is planned. 

We start each theme with an immersion activity to ensure all our children to have a shared starting point for their learning. These activities generate excitement and wonder for the topic and spark pupil’s interest.  

Our core values are at the heart of what we aim to achieve with the children:

  • Resilience

We provide challenge within learning to ensure that our children develop the necessary skills to persevere. This in turn enables them to succeed. We actively seek opportunities to develop this both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Ambition

We foster an understanding that we all have different starting points, and therefore success looks different for individuals. We are ambitious for all the children at Speenhamland, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Respect

Intrinsic to our ethos is a common understanding of mutual respect, which is further reinforced through our PSHE curriculum and all we do.

  • Inclusion

Everyone at Speenhamland has the same experiences and opportunities.

Our pastoral system ensures that children’s efforts and achievements are rewarded, through our House System. Beyond the ‘curriculum’ our aim is for our pupils to be responsible citizens; this is developed through our Ambassador Scheme which rewards additional effort within our school as well as our wider community.