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Speenhamland School

Speenhamland School


We have a creative curriculum at Speenhamland Primary which is based on the New Curriculum 2014, and has been written to meet the needs of our pupils, following consultation with both children and their parents.

Each topic starts with a shared learning experience for the children. This may be a visitor into the school or a visit out of the school, for example, to a museum. Throughout the topics, teachers make meaningful links between curriculum areas.

At the centre of each of the termly topics are key texts, which form the basis for the English teaching and Learning. In order to give all pupils a shared starting point for their learning, there are planned visits, or visits during the first few weeks of the term.

Throughout the year there are planned opportunities to study an area of the curriculum to a greater depth. These cross curricular weeks allow us to deepen understanding within particular areas, whilst at the same time making explicit, meaningful links between areas of the curriculum.


The central aspect to our English curriculum is providing ample opportunities for talk. We believe that children need to be able to verbalise their ideas before they are able to write them coherently.  We also support our English curriculum with reading and writing opportunities across the curriculum.

We also aim to create a love of reading within our English curriculum. The children are given opportunities to practise their reading in a variety of ways. This includes independent, shared and guided reading. We actively encourage reading at home and support this with a variety of rewards. We are also regularly auditing and renewing our book stock so it is current and relevant.

To help children to learn to read and spell we teach Phonics on a daily basis across Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. The children have opportunities to apply their phonic knowledge across the curriculum. We then develop children’s understanding of phonics by following a specific spelling programme which embeds the rules of language so that the children are fluent and accurate spellers.  

Handwriting is given curriculum time and taught both discretely, where there is a link to spelling, and also at the point of writing.


We use the Mastery approach to the teaching of Maths. This enables the majority of the children to understand the objectives for their year group, to allow them to apply their understanding to a range of contexts whilst also being able to demonstrate the skills necessary for problem solving and reasoning.


PE at Speenhamland is taught across the school by our Sports Coach, who is employed full time to help raise the standard and sporting profile of Speenhamland School in the local community. We understand the importance of teaching a variety of sports and the skills involved. We also have a specialist dance teacher who comes from Trinity School to deliver her lessons. As well as offering our children the traditional sports we also ensure every child is given the opportunity to attend Swimming Lessons, at Northcroft Leisure Centre.

In addition to PE lessons we also offer a range of clubs taking place either at lunchtime or after school.

At Speenhamland we pride ourselves on giving the children opportunities to represent our school in sporting activities in the local area whether they are competitive or not. We understand the physical, psychological and social benefits of participating in sport.

More Information

Parents/carers and members of the public can find out more about the curriculum at Speenhamland by contacting the school office on